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My name is Lisa and I received my very first pair of rats in 2016. I fell head over heels in love with them! One thing led to another and after long and careful consideration I decided to start my own rattery as a hobby. My main focus, first and foremost, is health and temperament. My goal is to breed healthy and sweet pet ratties while also selecting pairs that may produce offspring that are better than their parents. Because I am more selective on temperament than I am of color if you are looking for a specific color I may not have it available. Currently the colors in my litters include russian blue siamese, russian blue & mink and variants including dilute mink, silver mink, russian dove (mink + russian blue). Occasionally I do produce beige as well. 

All my rats are adopted out at 7-8 weeks of age, on special occasions sometimes 5-6 weeks. Please keep in mind that I am a small hobby breeder, not a baby factory. I don't have rats available year round since I carefully plan each litter and never have more than 1-2 pregnant mothers at a time; this allows me to spend ample time with each litter born. I normally don't plan any litters at all during the months June - August, simply because I have a lot of annual family outings during that time and can't dedicate the time that I prefer to mother and babies.

I do ask all adopters to fill out an adoption form as I like to know more information about you and also keep a record of each rat and where they went. If you are interested in adopting some ratties please see the adoptions form page. If no babies are available at the time, I can give you an estimate of when my next litter is planned and put you on the wait list. 






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If you do not see your name on the waitlist, please fill out an adoption form to be added. If you wish to be removed please message me to let me know.


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If you do not use facebook you may send me a message through the form listed below.

If you are interested in adopting, please see the adoptions form page to fill out the form.


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