My main focus' for breeding are health and temperament.


Please check out my health/habitat/tips page before submitting an adoption application.    

Currently at this time I am adopting out my rats as pets only and not for breeding purposes. I spend a lot of time on my rats and want to make sure that they go to good caring homes that can provide for them. Unless you already have rats at home all rats are adopted out in same sex pairs, as rats are extremely social and need interaction with their own kind. Prices as follows: 2 for $25, 1 for $15, each additional $5.

Adoption Application
Are you age 16 or older? If not your parents must fill out the adoption application. They must be present at time of pick up and sign a consent form.

Parental Clause: for parents wanting to purchase rats for their children. I do not recommend rats as pets for children under the age of 4. Rats are a really great pet, however no matter how nice the rat, any rat will bite if they are mishandled such as being hit or squeezed.  

I do not believe in buying pets *solely* for children. Kids need their parents guidance with animals, which means the parents NEED to be involved, not just the kids having a pet that the parents don't otherwise care for or handle. Kids need to be shown how to care for and handle any pet, including rats. 

When a cat or dog is brought home for the kids, and the kids become uninterested in feeding them or scooping their litter box, the parents step up and take over those responsibilities. I expect the same care from parents that bring rats home for their kids. Especially since rats live much shorter lives, parents should be prepared for a 2-4 year commitment should their kids become disinterested.

If you do not feel that you can agree to the following statements, please do not submit an application. 

As the parent, do you agree to be financially responsible for the rats essential needs (food, bedding) as well as medical care (if they get sick)? And do you agree that you will care for the rats (cleaning, handling) if your child gets bored or lazy?
I understand that rats are extremely social, colony creatures, that need to be housed with at least 1 other rat of the same sex.
Why are you adopting pet rats?