Prices as Follows: same sex pairs only

1 rat $15 (with proof of same sex rat/s already at home) 
2 ratties $25
Each additional $5

Pre-payment is required to HOLD your babies; I will not HOLD any babies without it. I accept electronic payment in these forms: paypal, venmo, zelle, facebook pay & google pay. If you prefer cash payment we can set up a time to meet face to face. Price for special circumstance rats are on a case by case basis. Pre-payments are non refundable if you decide not to pick up your babies.


Name           Waiting For


 Sadie                  2 females

 Amy                    2 females

 Kim                     2 females

 Jamie                  2 females.

 Sarah                 2 females.

 Lindsay              2 females

If you do not see your name on the waitlist, please fill out an adoption form to be added. If you wish to be removed please message me to let me know.

We will not have anymore litters until fall 2020.

Bee-Boop & Pickles Litter

Born 4/14/20

Bee-Boop had 8 babies, all are currently reserved for those on my waiting list. Babies can go home at 6 - 8 weeks of age. If you are on my waitlist I will be in touch with updates.


Please be mindful that there are currently more people on the list than there are available babies.



Bee-Boop is currently my only breeding female, she needs 6 months to recover before she (or her female offspring) can have a litter, plus 21 days gestation, plus 6-8 weeks of age before those babies could go to homes. So the soonest I will have more babies ready to go to homes would be Mid - Late November 2020.

If you would like to be on the waitlist for this November please fill out an adoption form.

                       ADOPTED                     ADOPTED                           ADOPTED                        FOSTERED

                       12/6/19                         11/28/18                             11/15/18                           7/30/18